Boxed In Two

Boxed In Two
By: [TP-N]Citrous

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Boxed In TWO, The long awaited sequel to my original map created almost 4 years ago now, is finaly here!

This isn’t your normal “box” map. Fight the undead for as long as you can, for in this map, it’s all about how long you can last. This map is extremely difficult, it contains a tight core, randomized rooms, and a ♥♥♥♥ing brutus to rain on your parade.

Survive past round 15 with just you or your buddies and get included on the leaderboards for this map. This isn’t going to be easy…

Leaderboards(Must have a full length video from start to end and be uploaded to youtube. Must survive past round 15)
*plysqwmack (Round 26)
*HackersInSpace (Round 18)
If you wanna check out my old map, you can find it here:

That map took me 30 minutes to make, this took me three days lol.

Special thanks to
//Harry Bo21

This was Citrous, over and out.



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