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As the last survivors of a bunker, you find yourselves fighting off endless hordes of the undead in this post-apocalyptic installment of zombies.


Wow has it been some time, but I’ve finally got another map up! This one should allow multiple styles and offer different challenges depending on the location. There are areas which encourage camping and others which encourage training, so hopefully it offers something for everyone 🙂

Since this is the initial release, if there are any performance issues please mention the areas so that I may optimise them.

There are multiple easter eggs, one of which is required to access pack-a-punch.


Custom weapons and craftables – Harry Bo21
Perks – WARDOGSK93 and xSanchez78
Custom eye colour – Frosty
Growing souls – MakeCents
Buyable ending – NateSmithZombies
(As per usual I try to make sure to give credit where credit is due. If there are any individuals I have forgotten to include please let me know and I can add them in)



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