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Yes, another remake, this time is battery from waw. The history is basically about how these guys get the summoning key and give it to the reporter from Shadows Of Evil.


Mostly ww2 weapons
10 perks(8 original perks + widows and cherry)
Custom perk bottles and icons
Custom Wonder Weapon
Panzer Soldat
Thief from five
Bouncing Bettys
Shadows of evil hud(kind of)
Shadows of evil mistery box
Muzzle Flashes
Custom Characters
Gorod Krovi round music
Custom monkey bomb
Easter Egg
Boss Fight

Zombies world records

Checkout the leaderboard for the current world record of this map. Think you got what it takes to make it on the leaderboard? Submit your own record and claim your place in zombies history.


Nukem & Se2dev(linker mod and game_mod)
*Meet-Your-Maker(glitch finder)
*Clippy95(english voiceovers, doubletap 2.0, vision file and bug reporting)
*Joshwoocool(BO4 voices)
*ricko0z(some bo3 sounds and models)
*alaurenc9(randomize characters tutorial)
*c.h.n(Lens Flare effect tutorial)
*ConvictioNDR(ar46, groza-1 weapons and double tap 2.0 tutorial)
*xSanchez78(conversion rig view hands)
*DuaLVII's(rotating doors tutorial and yes i know they already work like that in bo1)
(For Widow,electric cherry & turned)
Harry bo21, Pro Revenge, StevieWonder87,
BluntStuffy, RedSpace200, thezombieproject,
Smasher248, JiffyNoodles, MZSlayer, JBird
AndyWhelen, HitmanVere, ProGamerzFTW,
Scobalula, GerardS0406, PCModder,
IperBreach, TomBMX,Allmodz, Soy-yo
*BluntStuffy(panzer soldat tutorial)
*treminaor(or whoever did the icons for the installation creator)
*Thunderfrost(beta testing, trailer)
Infinity ward

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