Corpse Party – One Window Hell

Corpse Party - One Window Party
By: Ben-Verder-Niks

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The Shadows of evil crew after their encounter with Richtofen who stole the summoning key got send to the Nirvana where they’re stuck in Heavenly Host Elementry School.
Can they escape the Nirvana?

(this map as the name suggests is an one window map, I am however working on an map that has most of the school including: the first wing, second wing and the bomb shelter which is entirely redesigned with familiar locations from the Aether story line, will not be releasing anytime soon)

Note: dogs and brutus don’t spawn at the window they mostly spawn upstairs and in the bomb shelter itself.

//Map includes
-Buyable ending (120k)
-Bo2 Weapons
-Buffed dogs
-Custom power ups
-18 perks
-Soe crew
-Ancient evil challenge system


Corpse Party: Blood Drive ost: Item Acquisition:
Corpse Party: Dead Patient ost: ”GET”:
Corpse Party: Blood Drive ost: Desperate Situation:
Corpse Party: Dead Patient ost: Gameover:
Corpse Party: Blood Drive op 2: Keshin:



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