Zombie House

Zombie House
By: alainlinke

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You may get a warning message from your web browser or Windows Defender that this file may be unsafe. This file is safe, warning is a false positive and is safe to download.

here is my custom map it is null and small there is no ee it is a simple house I put it here in case or if some people can give me some advice. There is some bug like the display of the perks (stamina, dead shot, phd, mulekick) due to the fact that I did not succeed in launching the setup.bat in the bin folder, I would have to find someone who can pass me the files modified by this setup. There is also the fact that some zombies do not take bullet in the head. I made this map in order to rediscover the radiant and learn the basics.
A big thank you to everyone who brought me help on this discord specially @k3nt who gave me a lot of his time. For the moment I am embarking on a more serious and pretty map I hope you will like it.



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