The Dark Descent

The Dark Descent
By: Deadshot.mp4

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“The last remaining memories fade away into darkness. Your mind is a mess and only a feeling of being hunted remains. You must escape.”

This is my second map, and I am still learning mod tools, so please be forgiving of some rough edges. My first map was “The Winchester”, in which I experimented with a lot of what mod tools had to offer. I expanded on my knowledge for this map, also making this map more of a better polished project than what I taped together for The Winchester.

Description :

This map is fully based after the “Backhall” location in Amnesia : The Dark Descent. Along with that area it includes parts of the Machine Room, Guest Room, Study, and Storage. I did my best to replicate the design of the original map, and add to what I believed could be improved for better gameplay.

I have finally figured out how to make my map available to all languages, so wahoo we have all languages now! I also figured how to compile lighting a lot smoother so hopefully it’ll look pretty nice. Ambient sounds were a big deal for me with this project, so I hope they help highlight the overall tone of Amnesia.

Please let me know if you run into any issues or bugs, I’ve tried to get some beta tests out for others to find those pesky glitches and bugs but there are always others out there. I’d love to fix any issues found if I can, just comment below if you find any! P.S This map is MEANT to be dark! Amnesia is all about the significance of the darkness. I tried my best to keep it at a steady dark/light ratio so it’s playable and enjoyable, but still keeping Amnesia’s signature darkness. Also yes, I know the map has tight corridors. It’s based after a horror game so it’s expected. Don’t play this map if you aren’t a fan of tight spaces.

Includes :

– No perk limit

– Bo1 guns

– Song EE (Theme from one of the Amnesia endings) [Shoot Lex painting in spawn roof hole, Banana in power zombie barrier, and Brew Machine in caved in Jugg tunnel]

– Free perk EE (Collect candles in doubletap room, first box spawn room, and storage box location. Place in power room)

– Portals (Collect summoning key to open doors)

– Custom ambient sounds

– Dog rounds

– Blundergat wonderweapon with a buffed packapunch version

Credits :

– Frictional Games for making one of the best games ever made (also for a lot of their music which I ‘borrowed’)

– Skye’s ports for the bo1 and bo2 gun ports

– Uptownpapi25 for most to all of the scripting, used most of his tutorials for what I did (Thanks so much!!)

– IceGrenade for just being a positive and helpful guy in the community!

– Mod Tool’s discord for being smart when I didn’t notice something

– Planet’s Victis crew (same used from the Winchester)

– Madgaz, IceGrenade, JBird, and CraftDAnimations for their hours of youtube videos I’ve used to learn all I know. If not for them I’d be lost out here, but their videos really opened me up to the possibility of using this as a platform to express my creativity. Thank you all!

Don’t forget to give a rating if you enjoyed this map (or well if you didn’t, feel free to put a lower rating.. honesty matters!) I enjoy working on maps and feel this one is really showing off what I’ve learned so far, hopefully more polished than my previous one. Let me know if you make a video on it in the comments and what you thought of it! Have fun killing zombies out there!



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