Winter Wunderland

Winter Wunderland Black Ops Remastered
By: 5and 5 & Wunderful

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You might remember this map from a few months ago on World at War… now it has migrated to Black Ops 1, with improved features, graphics, and gameplay!

Complete Feature List:

The gauntlet from the WaW version has been moved to this version to see who can get the highest round! Currently the prize pool for the top 3 winners is over $300!

Gauntlet Info & Rules

Games for the gauntlet can be started any time between now and Jan 31 at 11:59PM EST. After that, players will only be able to play the games they are currently in until death or reset.
-Players can try as many times as they want, and any game played within the above period can be submitted. 
-Game must be streamed on Twitch or Youtube with the tag “[WWLG]”
-Fast Ray: Allowed (macro or double bind)
-TIM: Allowed
-Highest round wins (if tied, fastest game wins)
–Currently the prize pool is over $300! If you would like to donate to the prize pool, you can do it through CashApp at:$wunderfulburied
-The prize money will be split 50% for the winner, 25% for 2nd place and 25% for 3rd place. Currently that means $150+ for first place and $75+ for 2nd and 3rd!
-Submissions and leaderboards are out now:

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