Fortin Dils Morts

Fortin Dils Morts
By: Forrest Gump

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Fortin dils Morts – Romansh for Bunker of the Dead

Hello Folks
Enter another abadoned former German bunker in the Swiss Alps and explore the mysteries of this place.
Have fun and survive! Thank you for playing, I appreciate your critics.

Comment if you enjoyed the map 🙂
Also comment if you experienced any bugs!


• Small Easteregg 🙂
• MW2019 Weapons
• Black Ops 1 Weapons
• Custom Black Ops 3 Weapons
• Flashlight (double click Use Button to turn on/off)
• No Perk limit
• Soulboxes
• Revelations Camo
• Buyable Ending
• Craftable Shield

Easter Egg
Step 1: Turn on Power
Step 2: Find the secret Button
Step 3: Pick up the Summoning Key
Step 4: Place down the Summoning Key at the Hand
Step 5: PAP Room opens up for the Ending and final Soulbox
• Skye (Weapons Pack)
• UGX mods (Tutorials, Flashlight)
• Wardog (BO2 Perks)
• IceGrenade (Tutorials)
• JBird632 (Tutorials)javascript:ValidateForm()



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