Minecraft Halloween

Minecraft Halloween
By: Zammi

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Happy Halloween Folks!

Work your way through a Halloween themed Minecraft map and be prepared for some tricks and treats along the way!

Main Features

– 32 imported weapons from COD: Black Ops Cold War, Advanced Warfare, and Modern Warfare 2

– 18 perks (17 solo)

– Shootable perkaholic easter egg (shoot 15 creepers to unlock)

~ Video walkthrough of Shootable EE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FUEVSpB8gU

– Easter egg quest to unlock secret Pack-a-Punch area

~ Video walkthrough of PaP area EE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0H9tVW_85s

– Buildable Spectral shield and Pack-a-Punch

– Optional Gungame mode


– Minecraft music and sound effects

– Custom Minecraft textures

– Halloween themed weaponry

– Buyable ending

List of Mods and Tools (credits)

– BOCW Esports Playable Character (Blac, ThomasCat)
– Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch camo ID’s (StarLord)
– Gungame script (ConvictioNDR)
– Zombie eye colour script (FrostIceForge, Jbird632)
– Music and sound effects (C418, Mojang, Nick Rodgers)
– Ray Gun MKII (ProRevenge)
– Apothicon Servant (Harrybo21, DTZxPorter)
– Vigor rush (Blak, raptroes, Harrybo21, HitmanVere)
– Black ops perk collection (Harrybo21)
– Banana Colada, Crusaders Ale, Bull Ice Blast, and Madgaz Moonshine perks (Madgaz and KaizoKuroof)
– Player teleportation (NateSmithZombies, Icegrenade)
– Spectral shield and craftable pack-a-punch (Sphynx)
– BOCW minigun (DamianoTBMz)
– Blood Money, speed boost, and infinite ammo powerups (NateSmithZombies)
– Shootable perkaholic ee and buyable ending (NSZ)
– Buried zombies (Erthrocks)
– MW2 and AW weaponry (TheSkyeLord)
– BOCW weaponry (pmr360, Logical Edits, ThomasCat, TheBlackDeath, TheSkyeLord)
– Zombie counter (DuaLVII)
– Greyhound, CoDimageUtil, CodMayaTools (Scobalula, Aiden, Maciej)
– Wraith, Export, SETools (DTZxPorter)
– L3akMod (DTZxPorter, SE2Dev, Nukem)
– Hitmarker (Killjoy)
– BO4 max ammo (NSZ)
– No perk limit (NSZ)
– Traversals (JBird632)
– Japan HUD (Rudy)
– Zombie runner trigger (MakeCents)
– Original assets (Treyarch)

*NOTICE: If you have attempted to build the shield or PaP during Gungame and get a looping audio bug, building it again but stopping halfway through will fix it!

Concerning lava.. I recommend acquiring Jug before entering the Nether portal to allow for extra time to escape the lava should you fall in. Furthermore, do not jump in the lava in the PaP room as it cannot be escaped from.

Hope you enjoy the map! 🙂



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