Shipment Zombie’s

Shipment Zombie's
By: MrLednor

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here is a side project map that iv done for you to enjoy

it has a few things nothing special but here’s the list

call of the dead zombie’s = thanks to sharp gamer’s for you for the models

shoot-able perkaholic Easter egg once all 5 items are shot all players are reworded with all perks
power has to be on for this*

custom boss

custom dogs

Gun game mode

after round 6 and power is on the zombies will freeze when a player is looking at them
this is disabled in Gun game mode*

big thank you to the map testers


The Real Ei3d3st 100%

credit to

sharpgamersforyou = zombie and boss model

holoya = for snip-its of code

Scobalula = rain on screen fx

ConvictioNDR = og Gun game scripts

The Indestructable Mike Pence = rain & thunder

Natesmithzombies = spare change & teleport

frost iceforge = eye fx

redspace = jump pads

DTZxPorter for the tools

3ark for the og assests

if i have missed anyone or your a mapper and need help with anything plz contact me via discord here :



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