Babel Tower

Babel Tower
Version: 1.0 By: kielrgz

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Hello forum people! I’m excited to bring you my first Black Ops 1 custom map. I wanted to tell you that this map was able to do it thanks to Shippuden, who had a lot of patience to explain things to me and everything I need to know. All the credit I think he deserves and I am very grateful.

I want to clarify that my map has a couple of bugs that, as always, are my mistakes for not paying attention.

First Bug: in the beginning if you duck out the window you can get out. that happens only there. but if you abuse that bug I think you would be a bad player for not playing fair. I could have blocked that but in some update I will surely do it.

Second Bug: I did not put many lamp models because I honestly do not have time, since I am doing paperwork to study.

Third Bug: when turning on the power, the double tap bo2 model changes to the bo1 model, that is a perks error that I am not to blame and that they will surely solve.

Surely they will find one or another more bug but nothing that seriously affects the game.



Cold War style perks
Mob of the Dead Zombies
3 Bosses …
BO3 Shadows of Evil box (in beta) made by Shippuden
Craftable staffs …
Ray Gun Mark 2
Some weapons that I tested from bo2 and 1 from bo3.
Perks bo2, bo3 Credits to Shippuden and those who helped him.


And well I do not want to give much spoiler. It is my first tower and I am learning to use the mod tools of BO1, I hope you know how to understand that … and just try to enjoy the map and not find the way around everything although I accept the criticism.
The Thunder
UGX Mods


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