Mansion of the Undead

Mansion Of The Undead
Version: 1.0.1 By: Klevi

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Version 1.0.1 Updates -only an amount of gladiators can spawn in one round -thundergun does not 1 hit kill gladiators anymore -gladiator has only 10% chance to spawn a max ammo when killed now -fixed the bug when you would kill a gladiator meanwhile he would have thrown his axe and if the gladiator would die the axe would remain in game rotating forever -now you can start the boss fight only when all players are close to the challenge podium -panzer soldat wont crash the game anymore while grabbing you with his metal claw attack -added some extra detail in the main menu -added a custom cursor cos someone requested that to me -removed carpenter powerup due to having a bug and crashing the map(gonna add it in a later version when i find a fix) -size of the file is highly reduced compared to the last version


Well, this is actually my first ever map for CoD Black Ops 1. This is a map that i started creating a long time ago, and now it was finally the right moment(i guess) to publish it. It doesn’t have a story, cos im too lazy to think of one, but it is a cool black ops 1 styled map with a lot of cool easter eggs, and a very challenging map, due to being hard to get to the high rounds(at least for beginners i guess xD), it has a lot of cool features, and players in game are meant to go back in time to kill the evil. I really hope you enjoy the layout of the map itself and have a nice time while playing it.


-Black Ops 3 style mystery box
-Custom Round/Perks sounds
-Kino,verruck, der riese and various maps style easter eggs
-An in-depth easter egg
-Tigers from bo4 IX
-Gladiators from bo4 IX
-Avogadro boss
-Eight black ops 1 perks
-Boss fight

Credits of the people who supported me in the project

Vertasea – helped with pretty much anything i needed, gave a ton of scripting support and fixed a lot of my scripts in the correct way
Yafeli – scripting support in general, and also did the script for showing the zone names on top of the screen same as in BO4
Cortland – helped me with xmodels from bo4 and other games, and also ported the tigers from bo4 so i could use them in my map
Shippuden – A little scripting support, made the Avogadro and Zombie Destroyer scripts, also got the blundergatt weapon
HitmanVere – taught me how to script in the beginning and also helped with scripting or any other problem i would have, also used his tutorial to setup the map in co-op
Gympie – giving scripting and general help in cod modding
Salamanca – perk models from bo2/bo3
Utamia – helped me with installing players viewhands 
Arrows and xSanchez – helped me fix an old zonning problem that i was having before
Clippy – was the 1st to teach me how to install a sound in BO1
SE2DEV / NUKEM – for the needed files to make possible creating maps in CoD Black Ops
UGX-MODS – for the scripting reference website
Treyarch – for the original mod tools files

Credits for people who played the map and reported bugs

Silver Eyed Warrior
|ZsC| Lord

If i forgot somebody simply send me a message or leave a reply to this post so i can add you later on.

Music used in the map – main menu – loading screen


How to install the content

First locate your black ops 1 directory which usually is here
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops
then open the mods file. Open the downloaded rar file and then drag the folder inside of it in the mods folder of the black ops 1 directory

For anything, feel free to hmu on Discord, k3nt#2852

I would also suggest to keep these settings on extra


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