Happy New Year 22

Happy New Year 22
By: YouAlwaysWin

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  • GUN GAME (Complete All Guns First To WIN)

  • Spend New Years At The Club!

  • WaW, BO1, BO2, 2019 MW and Infinite Warfare CUSTOM WEAPONS


Some weapons have an alternate fire which is activated by pressing 4 on the keyboard.
There is no hint for it on the HUD, pressing 4 will switch or activate any gun that has the
second mode for the ones you don’t know about yet.

  • No Perk Limit

  • Lots of background ambient music tracks


YouTube Audio Library. All ‘Attribution Not Required’

This is not a Forum for Self-promotion. If you are here simply to promote yourself, your comment will be deleted.


ConvictioNDR (Game Modes, Fixed Dogs)
Rollonmath42 (Special Weapons)
NSmithZombies (Various Scripts)
Harry BO2 (Large Gun Pack, Weapon Boxes, Pack A Punch, Bosses)
Zeroy (Flamethrower)
Erthrock (Zombie Models)
DTZxPorter (Wraith Model Exporter)
Treyarch (Mod Tools, Being Awesome!)
Symbo, Ardivee and Emox (Collective Challenges)
iAmThatMichael (Flare Spawners)
TheSkyeLord (LOTS of custom weapons)
IceGrenade (Teleport Script)
VEERTASEA (Typewriter Text)
Frost Iceforge (Code Number Pad)[/b]



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