Mountain Defence

Mountain Defence
By: DannyCrew

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-Added time warp power up
-Changed location of the timer on screen as the player names where overlapping it.
-Gold Piles now disappear when shot.

How fast can you complete the challenges,unlock the ending and escape. If you play it live on stream be sure to tag me on Twitter @DannyCrewYT

– Challenge System to unlock ending
– Buildable Power
– Buildable Shield
– Weapons From BO3.BO4,Cold War,Ghost,IW,MW19,MW3
– 13 Perks
– Wonderfizz
– No Perk Limit
– Cold War Max Ammo
– Cold War Perk Models
– Ammo Crate
– Tougher Dog Rounds
– Challenge Map

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MadGaz – Wonderfizz,assets and HUD
TheSkyeLord – BO4,Ghost,IW,MW19 Weapons
IceGrenade – tutorials
eMoX_MaNgA – Cold War Perks
Sphynx – Buildable Shield & Power Switch
pmr360 – Cold War Weapons
ConvictioNDR – Challenge System
Erthrock – Buried Zombie Models
MikeyRay – PHD Flopper Perk
Pepergogo – Round Sounds
Program115 – Intro Text Tutorial
Treyarch & Activision – Mod Tools and Assets

Play Tester – ZombiegamingHD7



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