BrimBros Scrimmage

BrimBros Scrimmage
By: Pasta Sauce

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the official map of the BrimBros youtube channel

experience greatness in the greatest map of all time

and of course subscribe to those who this map is dedicated to:

watch the gameplay of this map by the official people:

and if for some reason you just refuse to subscribe, the maps still pretty fun

“quirked up white boy with a little bit of swag busts it down sexual style, is he goated with the sauce?”

check out my other incredible experiences

Map Credits:
MW3 guns were made by TheSkyeLord
Harrybo21 for making the custom perks
UptownPapi for the shootable music easter egg
L3ak Mod
NateSmithZombies for the buyable easter egg
and of course the BrimBros for having such a cool channel

be sure to lookout for my new map titled “Obama House” coming at a date
this ones been in development for about 7 months and will probably not release soon



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