Buros Der Toten

Buros Der Toten
By: klevi
Version: 1.0.4

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-changed the HUD, simplified it since ppl didn’t seem to like the BO4 HUD

-changed the announcer to the one of black ops cold war

-clipped an area where the player could enter and zombies could not reach it

-fixed a scripting issue

-removed a couple of stock bo1 weapons(bad ones tbh, i didn’t like them)

-fixed a zombie spawner so now the rounds will end properly and not wait the zombie to die

-added the health number in the HUD next to the health bar

-fixed an easter egg step so you can listen to the sounds after two rounds and not only once so you dont have to restart the game

-added some missing sounds

-fixed the mystery box missing texture

– map is a little bit more detailed

– added one extra spot where the crawlers can spawn

– added some more ambience sounds(like verruckt for example)

– entire map is now portalled

– the HUD is changed to the bo4 HUD

– fixed some scripting issues that had a very low chance of happening in game

– Now the pause menu will show the easter egg steps(so its easy for everyone, even for beginners, to make the ee now)

– Added the zone names like in BO4

– Added a player health bar too

-added bo3 perk shaders

-added bo4 powerup icons

-fixed the game over round text

-fixed the default weapon problem from the mystery box

-the player icon and name should correctly set when the game starts

-fixed the problem of the missing perk shaders

-clipped an area that had no clipping before and the player could walk through it

A little bit of description

This is a pentagon styled map. The map is medium sized and it is based in an irl place. The pentagon crew is on a mission where they have to get some important files and escape the map. Will they survive the undead or the offices are going to be their cemetery. Its all up to the player!

I also wanted to add: I know that i had lots of plans for this project, and the map was supposed to be bigger with a boss fight etc etc, but i
had to gave up in a lot of ideas because of University and work, pretty much important irl things. So rly sorry about that but sometimes i have
to focus on important things, and i don’t even think i will be modding CoD anymore since i have other plans. Apart from that, i really hope you enjoy the map, since i tried my best to design it :)
I hope you enjoy the map layout and have a fun time playing it.


– The pentagon crew
– Eight black ops 1 perks with the bo3 perk machine models
– Mystery box with the bo3 model too
– A main easter egg, and a couple of side easter eggs too
– A Jumpscare
– BO3 round sounds
– Some custom weapons from Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3 and AW
– Custom HUD
– An ending

Credits of the people who supported me in the project

Vertasea, Yafeli, Gympie5 – scripting support whenever i needed
BazookaJimmy – portalling the map
Hndful – menu files support
Salamanca – mystery box and perk models from bo2/bo3
Clippy – for providing me with the pentagon voice lines
HUMPHREY – Black Ops 3 perk shaders
ROBIT – Black Ops 4 powerup shaders
NoobForLunch – providing me with the bo4 hud images

NG – for having a hot mom
LeDukeNukem – for having a hot mom too
==> Both of their moms inspired me throughout my career as a cod modder, which is why i am here today

SE2DEV / NUKEM – for the needed files to make possible creating maps in Call of Duty Black Ops
UGX-MODS – for the scripting reference website
Treyarch – for the original mod tools files

Credits for people who tested it

**If i forgot somebody simply send me a message or leave a reply to this post so i can add you later on.**

Music used in the map
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XIQmJkugAE – main menu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YUiVbL_-M0 – loading screen
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8ymuoSly_Q – main song easter egg

Join our Discord –  https://discord.gg/gmAuF2gBsx

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