Pamojo’s Office

Pamojo's Office
By: PamojoYT

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Decided to release this unfinished/vanilla version i was planning on keeping this map to myself and friends but what good comes from gate keeping?
 enjoy the map i will update in the future
*Added New Areas
*Added Custom Weapons and custom wall buys
*Added the napalm zombie
*Added a small puzzle solve it to open pap area i dont know how to add real ee’s so dont go around trying to press on things xd is not gonna work is pretty simple
*Added another trap
*the map loops around now
*Changed The Zombie player models to the office ones
*Pentagon/Five Player models
*fixed some bugs
*moved pack a punch so no camping for u
*added minigun drop
*fixed the random clipping in the hall way
*added clip to a model in the power room
*adjusted the zombie barrier clipping by deadshot
*Final Update i promise*
*Added The deathmachine to the box u can switch weapons and things with it u can pap it to
*fixed the mini gun drop

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