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My second not so big, but not so small map, inspired by map Sandstone from game Standoff 2
this is a city in a country with a hot climate and sand


– medium size map
– wall weapons
– debris and doors
– many places for train or camp
– all BO1 perks​​​​
– Secret rooms and PAP
this map also have custom wall weapons that work not so good because its really hard to make for me.
and if you want you can help me with this. I’ll be very thankful
and also some weapons are rebalanced
and a few more things is that new wall weapons dont have upgraded version (you cant PAP skorpion and mac-11) i dont know how to fix that:/
you can start map by typing ” map zombie_sandmap ” in console, hope you enjoy this map :)


– Lighting improvement
– Some other small stuff

( i am not english so i apologize for mistakes)

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