Dark Color Tower

Dark Color Tower
Version 1.0 By kielrgz

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Hello, I greet you all, today I bring a little map to enjoy, it is one of the towers that we made in cod waw with creep that we now somehow transfer to black ops, I hope you enjoy it.


Before you guys play this map I want to make it clear that there are a few bugs that I still have to fix.
1 is a visual bug on the blue floor, which is a line and it’s like that part is missing, I have to fix that one soon. the second bug I mean number 2 is that sometimes if the panzer throws his hook at you and catches you, if there are many zombies around you it is possible that the map will crash you, I was thinking of getting the hook attack out of it and that it will only turn you on fire to avoid that bug. After that I also have a bug with the lights since the lighting they have is not the one shown by the “mod tools” tool, that is already a black ops error since it has a terrible lighting so please understand that. Anyway the map is cool I hope you enjoy it and well now I made a youtube channel I hope you follow me and subscribe on twich too. Greetings.
The map does not bring custom weapons like those of bo2 or bo3 because for now I do not want to exaggerate it so much and just use the ones that black ops 1 already brings
What does the map bring?
Bosses: Panzer, Marwa, Brutus , Gladiator.
Special Weapon KT-4 Black Ops 3
Perks BO1,BO2 And Shaders
SoulBox Door Pack a Punch
Without more to say, I leave you my map below to try it and if possible I invite you to subscribe or follow me on youtube and twich thanks.

My Youtube Channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_qdCOIZIIKMDBfdqh5JrRA
My Twich Channel:https://www.twitch.tv/kielrgz95
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