Zombie Storm (Farm Arena)

Zombie Storm (Farm Arena)
Version: 1.1 By: ville88

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middle map size (arena)
style – World at War Shi No Numa
zombie_storm is ported map nazi_zombie_storm  from World at War
musical easter egg (Phone from Shi No Numa)
secret message (activates three Shi No Numa radios)
4 standart randomized perks & mule kick (only 4 can be taken at a time)
easter egg (maniac laugh)
easter egg (two radios with message)
easter egg (meteorite, activates dialogue)
dogs (hellhound)
electrical barriers
special zombie animation (sprinters and walkers)
buyable ending  (40,000)
mistery box
weapon cabinet with a sniper kar98k from World at War
World at War weapons (wallbuy)
Black Ops standart weapons (mistery box)
PPSH41 (mistery box)
special weapons Tesla Gun , Ray Gun and Thundergun
special thanks:
& discord forums LinkerMod
All questions here:

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