Rust MW2

Rust MW2
By: shippuden1592

To play this map you must have game_mod installed
FEATURES Battle Final VS Exo Zombie Perks BO2 & BO3 Weapons from Moder Warfare 2 Bosses from Black Ops Coldwar, COD Online Different game modes: Classic, GunGame, SharpShooter, One in the Chamber Origins Mystery Box Origins Pack-a-Punch Origins Pap Camo Venom X from IW MK3 from BO3 3 Hit like in Black Ops 3
Special thanks SE2Dev Nukem DTZxPorter NGcaudle Venom Modding Gogeta Deper espi_thekiller Thunderfrost Hdmisreal Lightning jerri13 Gympie5 Harry Bo21 Scobalula ricko0z Salamanca Lord-san HitmanVere psulions45 Sidzzz Ville88 TheSkypeLord Frost Robit Kingslayer Kyle.​ My memory is bad so if someone needed me sorry 😢
Beta Testers Ro-boss the Ghost
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