Nazi Baze

Nazi Baze
By: Дмитрий78

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 this map is perfect for team play and who wants to set records in high waves

version 1.1, fixed the difficulties of respawning gas zombies in a room with an electric cherry, fixed the absence of sounds in the flasks for filling the showers
version 1.2(date 13.03.2023), fixed the lack of sound effect of the “electro cherry” perk, the absence of a melody for the “electro cherry”, “widow’s wine”, “vulture” perks when buying them, in general, the map was slightly improved in terms of design, barrels and fuel cans were added to the map, which explode when shooting at them,the loading image has been slightly modified (music has also been added to it) and the background image
version 1.3, fixed disconnecting the wall from the building, the cache is issued from all perks, Brutus is killed (in the previous version he was immortal), fixed the zone where the player was standing and the zombies could not get him out of there, the map is ready to play, the problems are as follows: the barrier near the mp-40 wall is not being built, gas zombies are bad/problematic to appear near the “electro cherry” perk, I maybe improve the map in the future.
version 1.4-removed exploding barrels with cans, added two custom weapons (ppsh and ak 47) to the mystery box, added a second musical Easter egg (you need to find bears) .Note:I think this final change was
1.5-easter egg music changed

two musical easter eggs(meteorite rocks and bears,you can activate the music twice)
portrait Easter egg (Richthofen does not work)
Gas Zombies and Brutus
11 privileges, the limit is 10
a large Easter egg, you need to fill three flasks with a large number of dead zombies, the number is random, varies from 90-120, after which you will get access to an open door, behind which there will be a special weapon (blundergat), as well as all 11 privileges
Note: It is recommended to perform the Easter egg in the fourth, but it is quite realistic and in solo, it is recommended to first fill the flask next to the vulture perk, then next to the MP-40 weapon, which is on the wall, and then next to cherry electro
acquired ending
electric, fire trap
Note: brutus appears on  23rd wave, starting from the 17th wave, dogs will spawn a little at a time
to be killed by a zombie (without jagger fanta), he needs three strikes instead of two

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