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Our heroes find themselves in the Louisiana bayou, where beneath a church is stored materials collected by the United States government from Group 935 after the fall of the Thrid Reich.This map was inspired by Hunt: Showdown, specifically Blanchett Graves.This map flows very similarly to Shangri-La in that the map lacks any good places to kite, and there are few corners that zombies don’t spawn from. Your best bet is to keep moving and be mindful of your surroundings.
The new custom perk on this map “Fight or Flight Soda” complements the fast nature of the map well, as it’s effect makes you move faster the lower your health is – allowing for quick escapes.
  • Classic Perks + 1 Custom Perk
  • World at War Weapons + 6 Multiplayer Weapons w/ Packed Variants
  • Dogs (no mixed rounds)
  • Pack-a-Punch
  • Hellfire Bombs (very powerful, custom textured, molotovs – inspired by Hunt)
  • Easter Egg Song
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