Brothers in Arms MOD

Brothers in Arms Mod
By: buttkicker845 Version: 1.1

Brothers in Arms MOD

Abstract: Normandy, France 1944.
The Allies have landed on the beaches in Normandy and are pushing their way into Nazi Occupied France. There is a long way to go before the Allies reach the heart of Germany. There will be multiple German Artillery Batteries and Supply Trucks that will need to be eliminated and German Intelligence that will need to be collected. Will you help the Allied Forces liberate Nazi Occupied France or help the Germans secure their foothold against the invading forces?

Background: The Brothers in Arms series is a FPS Strategy game where you take the command of a squad-leader in WW2, released by Ubisoft in 2005. This is one of my favorite game series of all time. This is a MOD adaption of the squad-based action multiplayer scenarios of the first 2 games in the series.


  • Command your squad in the heat of battle
  • Fight against AI in Solo or against friends in Co-op
  • Fight for both Allies and Axis
  • Multiple objective scenarios

               -Destroy/Protect the Supply Truck
               -Destroy/Protect the Anti-Aircraft Guns
               -Secure/Escape with the Documents

  • Multiple levels to fight

               -Carentan, France
               -Burgundy, France

Ubisoft- Original Game Development
Activision – Development of CoD WaW and supporting MOD Tools
asus891110 – Original Level Design
BluntStuffy – Menu response tutorial
DidUknowiPwn – Spawn weapon via script tutorial
long cut loser – multiplayer testing
Please let me know if you feel forgotten on this list!

Please go into the Control settings and set the key bindings for “Command Squad” and “Squad Fall In” under the Interact menu!

Use these keys to command your squad
Press “Command Squad” to bring up the command ring and [Action] to confirm the move location
Press “Squad Fall In” to have your squad fall you directly.

Update 1.1:
– Fix for Player to Player damage, each time a Player damaged another Player no longer is counted as a kill
– Removed Friendly Player to Player damage, Friendly Players can no longer damage each other

Known Issues:
Menu buttons don’t flash after level restart



COD2 Gun Game on Der Riese

[WaW] COD2 Gun Game on Der Riese
By: ConvictioNDR

Gun game on Der Riese using COD2 weapons. You can toggle Verrukt sprinters on if you’d like. Average solo game is probably 15 minutes.
Credit DiduKnowiPwn for the gun game script.


WaW sounds cuz of sound limit. 18 guns because of FX limit. I’m aware of t4m. Just haven’t gotten around to making a t4m version and I don’t know if I ever will. Yes, I know the hands are messed up when you buy a perk.
Don’t bother asking how I got COD2 animations working as many others have. Short story is, it’s a pain to do and there is still problems with them in WaW. I’ll be able to fix some of the issues in BO3 and will most likely make a tutorial then when I am happier with the results.



Zombie Realism v2.2 w/patch1

Zombie Realism v2.2
By: [HOG]Rampage


[info]You do NOT need to install any previous versions of Zombie Realism. This has everything you need to start playing![/info][warning]Folder name is now zombie_realism_v2.2. Your stats WILL be reset, but you get 10x XP for the first 2 hours in-game playing.[/warning]FEATURES

* Ranking system with 65 ranks, 10 levels of prestige, and many unlocks.
* 4 different classes to choose from and one custom class.
* Faster zombies and more of them.
* 10 bonus weapons from modern weapons mod (credit and thanks to Way2Evil).
* Create-a-class in-game before you start.
* Mystery box that spawns things specific to a player’s class.
* 8 different perks.
* Perk upgrades.
* Class upgrades.
* Many weapons to choose from along with attachments.
* New powerups.
* Player round bonuses (most headshots/revives/knives, least downs).
* Hell hounds will now spawn with zombies in earlier rounds.
* Boss rounds.
* Timed gameplay.
* Weapon challenges.



* nazi_zombie_afterwar_mw
* nazi_zombie_anzio
* nazi_zombie_cimetiere
* nazi_zombie_cor
* nazi_zombie_demise
* nazi_zombie_doom
* nazi_zombie_fruchurch
* nazi_zombie_frumansion
* nazi_zombie_fruxtreme
* nazi_zombie_gould
* nazi_zombie_hm
* nazi_zombie_labo
* nazi_zombie_rage
* nazi_zombie_subway
* nazi_zombie_the_river
* nazi_zombie_tun
* nazi_zombie_western


* chemplant_elite_v2.01
* dead_sand_elite
* nazi_zombie_berlinbank_v2
* nazi_zombie_bonzai
* nazi_zombie_const
* nazi_zombie_corrosion
* nazi_zombie_hq
* nazi_zombie_killzone revisited v1.1
* nazi_zombie_rage2_v2
* nazi_zombie_ufso
* nuclear_silo
* simpsons


* nazi_zombie_abandon
* nazi_zombie_col
* nazi_zombie_creek
* nazi_zombie_dawn2
* nazi_zombie_doom3x
* nazi_zombie_op4


* nazi_zombie_aitest
* nazi_zombie_bar
* nazi_zombie_corrosion
* nazi_zombie_frurathaus
* nazi_zombie_higher
* nazi_zombie_island
* nazi_zombie_sb
* nazi_zombie_villa2
* nazi_zombie_zct_bsmnt
* nazi_zombie_zct_bunker
* nazi_zombie_zct_castle
* nazi_zombie_zct_dhouse
* nazi_zombie_zct_dshack
* nazi_zombie_zenith
* Zombie_Rich

[warning]In order to play the above maps, you MUST have them installed or downloaded. Please read ‘ConversionMapPackReadMe.txt’ (in the ‘HELP’ folder) for instructions on how to play them with Zombie Realism v2.2.[/warning]

* Fixed – Loading a map after going back to the main menu no longer causes errors
* Fixed – Missing Wunderwaffe FX have been added to maps that did not have them
* Fixed – The price of quick revive is now correct if you pick the medic ability
* Fixed – Class menu bug where you would spawn with different weapons than what you picked has been fixed
* Fixed – Monkey bombs are given every round (if the player had them and is alive)
* Fixed – Der Riese should no longer crash with ‘2048 Material Assets’ error
* Fixed – Monkey bombs should now regenerate ammo
* Fixed – Openeing the player menu while repairing a perk machine no longer freezes the game
* Added – You can now buy attachments for most weapons using the player menu
* Added – Player health bar
* Added – You can now set the button to open the player menu at the main menu or in the paused menu
* Added – Class upgrades are now available
* Added – There is now spawn protection on respawning. You don’t get attacked for the time you are picking your class, and once you pick your class you have 3 second spawn protection.
* Added – More maps
* Added – Pre-game lobby now shows game settings (difficulty, timed gameplay, bosses)
* Added – Class upgrades
   * Engineer
      * Shotguns – Damage+ (higher damage for shotguns)
      * Barrier Rebuild Speed+ (faster rebuild barrier rebuild speed)
      * Repair Speed+ (faster repair speed)
      * Blocker Cost- (lower cost of blockers/doors)
      * Team Blocker Cost- (lower cost of blockers/doors for whole team)
   * Medic
      * SMGS – Damage+ (higher damage for smgs)
      * Health Regen+ (faster health regen)
      * Team Health Regen+ (faster health regen for nearby teammates)
      * Team Health Regen Radius+ (larger radius for team health regen+)
   * Soldier
      * Weapon Damage+ (all weapons have higher damage)
      * Incendiary Damage (all weapons, including melee, cause zombies to start on fire; randomly turns off, so it’s not spammed so much)
      * Speed+ (increased speed)
      * Max Health+ (health boost by 60)
    * Berserk Mode – Fast health regen, strong melee damage, different vision
   * Support
      * Extra Ammo Box (spawn with two ammo boxes instead of one)
      * Regen Speed+ (faster ammo regeneration rate from ammo boxes)
      * Radius+ (larger radius for ammo boxes)
      * LMGs – Damage+ (higher damage for lmgs)
      * Ammo Regen (ammo regeneration for self)
      * Team Ammo Regen (ammo regeneration for nearby teammates)
* Added – Class menu now shows which class players are
* Added – Modern weapon challenges
* Added – You can now use the ‘new’ overkill (press 3 to switch to 3rd primary) or the ‘default’ overkill (normal 3 weapon slots)
* Changed – Maps are darker if on Hard or Veteran difficulty
* Changed – Each prestige requires you to go through the ranks and unlock all weapons again (the modern weapon unlocked will be available, though)
* Changed – Size of the in-game player menu has been decreased
* Changed – Health regeneration is now done by a custom function instead of the default health regen
* Changed – Round numbers are no longer ‘chalk’, instead they are simply the round numbers
* Changed – All challenges are unlocked instead of having to wait until rank 5
* Changed – Rank XP is now dependent upon the number of players
      * 1 player: 0.8x XP
      * 2 players: 1.3x XP
      * 3 players: 1.5x XP
      * 4 players: 2x XP
* Changed – Stopping power now damage is now 30%, 40% (upgrade 1), and 50% (upgrade 2)
* Changed – Hell hounds are now disabled on nazi_zombie_killzone


* Fixed – Clicking “no perk” will no longer reset a random perk in the class menu
* Fixed – Quick Revive now shows up in the perk 1 list in the custom class menu if you choose the medic ability
* Fixed – Swap inventory now works correctly
* Fixed – Mystery box now works correctly in timed gameplay if someone is in spectator
* Fixed – Weapon prices in dead_sand_elite are now correct
* Fixed – Mystery box price in dead_sand_elite is now correct
* Fixed – Mosin-Nagant challenge progress now shows up
* Fixed – Mystery box no longer disappears in nazi_zombie_hq (removed teddy)
* Fixed – Custom class engineer ability now works correctly
* Fixed – Double Tap machine in nazi_zombie_doom can now be repaired if in front of it
* Fixed – Bug where you could not buy second chance has been fixed
* Fixed – Choosing Kar98k in nazi_zombie_const no longer causes the “1 weapon bug”
* Fixed – Help menu no longer shows “Grenade Launcher” as an unlockable
* Fixed – Help menu no longer shows “at rank 100…choose custom ability” for description of custom class
* Fixed – Perk machines should no longer show “power must be turned on” in maps that don’t have power
* Fixed – Choosing the .357 Magnum in nazi_zombie_villa2 no longer causes you to spawn with only one weapon
* Fixed – Changing class setups now works as it should
* Fixed – Custom class with engineer ability should give upgrade points for repairing/rebuilding
* Fixed – Custom class with medic ability now has correct revive speed
* Fixed – Buyable grenades now gives you correct amount of grenades
* Fixed – Hintstring and price of Quick Revive / Second Chance should now be correct
* Fixed – Health bar should no longer disappear after going down (may change in future)
* Fixed – Max ammo powerup should no longer take away secondary grenades
* Added – More maps
     – nazi_zombie_aitest(copy nazi_zombie_aitest.ff and nazi_zombie_aitest_load.ff)
     – nazi_zombie_complex (copy nazi_zombie_crazed.ff, nazi_zombie_crazed_load.ff, and nazi_zombie_crazed_load.bik)
     – nazi_zombie_corrosive (copy nazi_zombie_corrosive.ff)
     – nazi_zombie_crazed (copy nazi_zombie_complex.ff)
     – nazi_zombie_pirate_ship (copy nazi_zombie_pirate_ship.ff)
* And other changes/fixes not listed


Tom_Bmx (timed gameplay)
=|EFU|=Fishy Fish
[majc] codkiller93
[NZP] stig4532


* nazi_zombie_killzone – FX for zappers are not in correct location
* If you play with someone who doesn’t have the EXACT same version as you, the menus may be bugged and cause issues in-game



Special Combat Weapons Mod

Special Combat Modern Weapons Mod
Version: 1.1 By: TiozzoPro


Nazi Zombie SPECIAL COMBAT 1.1
This mod will change CODWaW zombie mode with high quality retextured modern weapons from Way2Evil modern weapons mod and other new custom features. You can also play the great ZCT Mod 2 included in the download package.
Current version: 1.1
Compatibility: all Prototype Style Maps

-Main features:
– Special weapons:
  – Usp Laser
  – Raythrower
  – Nuke Launcher
  – M60 High Explosive Incendiary ammo
– High quality retextured weapons
– Enhanced weapons fx effects  
– Laser pointer
– Slightly increased rocket and granade launcher explosion&range damages for more realism
– Overall balanced weapons damage, increased knife damage (only for last stand weapons, see chart below)
– ZCT Mod 2 support

-Weapons Chart:

– With m60heis shot at feet! but not yours..
– Pay attention to your rocket explosions!
– Do not overheat USP laser…
– Special Combat knife will save your life!!
– Cabinets seem now more interesting… : )

-Recommended compatible maps:

Custom maps:

fun park
nazi zombie 420
panic center
zct castle
zm mars
zombie rich

Prototype maps:

dv (dead valley)
prototype (natch der untoten)
the river
tun (tunnels)

Installation Instructions (ZM installer exe):    
—Make sure you have updated the game to 1.7 patch—
1- Install the mod.
2- Go to mods folder:
    (XP)C:/Documents and Settings/YOUR_PROFILE/Local Settings/Application Data/Activision/CoDWaW/mods
—Make sure you can view hidden folders—
3- Copy all files placed in “Nazi Zombie Special Combat 1.1” folder into your custom map folder and overwrite original files
—You can apply this mod only if your custom map has 1kb mod.ff file or doesn’t have it (only prototype maps)—
—Make sure any other mods (ZCT_Mod, TD, Gamblers Ruin, Modern Weapons etc) are not in that folder, otherwise delete them—

How to play it:
1- Launch CoDWaW, go to Mods and launch your custom map
2a-Create a lobby and invite your friends who already have the mod.
     Change the server to Nazi zombie Mode and select your map
2b-If you wish to play alone then open console
     (~)or( | ) and type “map YOUR_CUSTOM_MAP_NAME”.  EX: map nazi_zombie_castle
—You may need to activate console from game menu settings—

– Nazi Zombie Modern Weapons by Way2Evil
– ZCT Mod by
– Operation Raccoon City player skin by quaddamage08



Dark mode powered by Night Eye