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This file is useful for those with the CD or Pirated copy of Call of Duty World at War. You will need to use Codwaw Lanfixed in order to play online and use T4M (T4M Installation).

For Steam users, CD and Pirated game users Codwaw Lanfixed is also useful if you want to play with someone in your household, over Lan.

Codwaw Lanfixed Creator: vpngamer

Warning, Tip, Notice, or Information.

For people getting a "server authentication error", mostly for people trying to play over Lan, please use this version of T4M instead:

This is an modified version of the older T4M r41 file and should fix the "server authentication error" you get when trying to play over Lan.

To use extract all 3 files from the t4mFixed to the root of your Call of Duty World at War Folder.  To launch the game use the t4m.exe.


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