Nazi Zombie Chinatown

Nazi Zombie Chinatown
Version: 3.0 By: [HOG] Rampage

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“Zombie Chinatown v3” is updated with some of the new features from Shi No Numa. The game play has changed and it has gotten a lot crazier! There are also some new custom features that were added. Also, a lot of the bugs/issues from the previous version have been fixed in this version.

v3 Change Log:

– No power switch
– All players spawn in same area
– Hell Hounds and Chaser zombies (chaser zombies are made to prevent camping)
– Map is during the day
– Rain and fog has been removed
– Randomized perk machines
– Flogger trap
– 5 random weapon box locations
– More blockers
– A lot more zombies to kill!



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