Chemplant Elite

Chemplant Elite
Version: 2.0 By: Nelwyn

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Details: Chemical Plant is back and badder than before. With the new zone based spawning, you really need to work together as a team to survive the madness. Here is a complete list of new features since version 1.1.

ChangeLog for v2.0
-Modified zombie spawning to include zone based spawning
-Added ambient sound effects with a more chilling sound in the basement
-All 4 players now start together on the bottom
-Removed PTRS-41 on roof
-Scoped Mosin-Nagant now costs 750
-Augmented round start sound with a sharp sting
-Game over music is now part of the actual song “Beauty of Annihilation”
-Time between rounds has been increased a few seconds
-Adjusted some objects in basement that you could walk inside of or jump onto
-Magic box now has an evil laugh instead of a little girl when you get a teddy bear
-Added DP28 to magic box
-PPSH now costs 4000
-Max ammo in basement has been increased to 7500
-Added buyable Magnum and Flamethrower to basement level
-Buyable mortar rounds for 250. You can buy one per round.
-Added buyable Scorching Molotovs in basement (higher damage)
-Juggernog gives you more health, but regen has been slowed
-Included health meter for all players showing status if downed or spectating eg. (Name: 100/100)
-Acid pool now has a fence around it. Ray Gun has been moved to a secret room
-Fixed Wunderwaffe effects so it now lights up and does the idle animations
-New loadscreen
-Working prototype radio that switches songs when you shoot it (only player 1 can hear it)
-Disabled ALL useful cheats, including single player ones
-sf_use_ignoreammo, player_sustainammo, or g_gravity will cause level to reset
-Respawning after dying will now cause you to respawn where you last died
-As a result of the new respawning method, you cannot jump off the roof anymore or you could respawn in a non playable area. This also prevents people from using the death card cheat to revive in that area.
-Buyable Porter’s X2 Ray Gun in a secret room (15000)
-All upgraded weapons from Der Riese are in magic box along with the normal ones
-Magic box now costs 2000 since it has upgraded weapons in it
-Added pause menu image
-Added 2 easter eggs and modified record player
-Fixed “alarm” sound when electric barrier and flogger is ready
-Added countdown and beep sound to barrier timer
-Fixed browning firing sounds
-Fixed flogger motor and belt sounds
-Removed dirt explosion from Wunderwaffe
-Swapped Gewehr and Scoped Mosin-Nagant locations
-Added more FX, fog around swamp
-Modified terrain in starting area



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