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Special Notes: Dropping in the ZCT Mod will not work for this map, as the mod.ff file is larger than the required maximum. To play this map with ZCT mod, download the _beta and then drop in the mod.ff.

This download is larger than some of the average because it has extra sounds that are custom added. If you want, you can remove these sounds from the .IWD file and make it smaller and saving space, but you won’t hear any custom music ingame.
Description: Campfire is a very close quartered map, with lots of foliage. The zombies come from all directions; North, South, West, East, and any other legitimate direction you can think of (besides vertically)!

It is prototype-styled and and therefore, somewhat basic.

Any questions, bugs, problems, etc, please post on the download page.

Special Thanks to:

HOGRampage – Co-op ranking, main menu editting, and some other scripting things.

vT-Ownage – General advice, skinning, misc

[ZCT]Titan – Crosshairs

[FaRT] Flame – Testing, misc advice/ideas, some custom sounds

[FaRT] Tom_BMX – Custom Sounds, testing

[ZCT]CoDMapper – Testing

[The]Sniperbolt – Testing, original idealist for custom sounds

[ZCT]xCHAOSx – Testing

hOly – Scripting _x stuff

If I missed anyone else or something that someone did, I apologize.

There are some glitches I am aware of (they will remain un-named, and if you find any, please PRIVATE MESSAGE ME!!!), and things to fix still, and they will be in the next version, which will be the final version!!!



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