Nazi Zombie Abandon

Nazi Zombie Abandon
By: HOGRampage

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After Bravo team escaped the underground research facility, they headed east to an abandoned farm to look
for any survivors – there were none – it was dead silent. As they were about to leave it, however, they heard
growling of some sort and then all hell broke loose. The zombies didn’t appear to have anything similar to that
of the research facility (flaming and shocking), but they were very fast and very strong. They managed to hold off
a few attacks and put up barriers around the abandoned farm. Now, it’s up to you and your friends to finish this!

– Hell Hounds
– A lot of zombies!
– Many secrets (some are very important that you get them to make the game easier)
– 4 magic box locations
– Several buyable weapons
– Buyable Bowie Knife
– The rest is for you to find out



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