Nazi Zombie Bonzai

Nazi Zombie Bonzai
By: RickB

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You and your buddy’s have crash landed on a small Japanese island a disused base full of the undead,you start off in a small bunker only with two entrance’s so gaining points over your team mates is a must whilst in the small bunker because u will need the points for sure,after that u will need to work as a team.The map is a dr style map,when u die u respawn with no weapon but you can buy the second at the pap its not intentional just a slight problem,Good luck hope you enjoy.

* Bowie knife and monkeybombs
* Moving weapons box.
* Bouncing Betty.
* Teleporters
* All four perks
* Hell hounds
* jap & nazi’s zombie’s

Massive thanks to Gbomb for the zone setup and teleporter’s and fx, couldn’t of done it with out ya.



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