Nazi Zombie Corrosive

Nazi Zombie Corrosive
By: Gbomb

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nazi_zombie_corrosive is a large scale zombie map. From the WaW map ‘Corrosion’, I have recreated the basic layout of half of the playable area for Corrosive. Nazi_zombie_corrosive is based on the Der Riese style.  Almost all the sounds and features have been incorporated into this map.  Although it plays well in single player, I have designed it mainly for coop. Without cheats, it takes total cooperation by all players to advance past level ten. Corrosive offers ten unique playing areas to unlock and defend! Good Luck!

    * All Der Riese sounds.
    * Teleporters
    * All four perks
    * Lots of hell hounds.
    * Lots of un-lockable rooms and doors.
    * Bowie knife and monkeybombs
    * Moving weapons box.
    * Bouncing Betty.
    * No anti-cheats enabled, feel free to be a newb cheat!
    * Lots of special effects and more!

The Storyline:

You’re the last few survivors left in a war torn Russian warehouse. You and your companions have found a perfect spot to hide out. Or so you thought, it quickly becomes obvious that your location has be found. At first you feel you can hold off the undead ones in this location, but as more show you decide to make your run for somewhere new. But where can you hide?

The mission:

Work your way through the sulfur warehouse and if you can survive long enough, find your way outside. Once outside, you’ll have three paths to choose from for your search for the power lever. Pick the right door to open and you’ll find weapons and defenses to support your battle. Choose wrong and new entrances will open and help lead to your demise.




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