Nazi Zombie Doom 3x

Nazi Zombie Doom 3x
By: Gbomb

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nazi_zombie_doom3x is a large scale zombie map. From my original maps Doom and Doom2, the German warehouse is once again being ravaged by the zombie hordes! Although the name is the same the map is totally changed. I’ve added lots of new features to keep it crazy. All new playing areas to open and explore. Doom3x offers all the best features of Der Riese.

* All Der Riese sounds.
* Pack a Punch
* Mainframe and 3 teleporters to hook up.
* All four perks
* Lots of hell hounds.
* Lots of un-lockable rooms and doors.
* Monkey Bombs and Bowie knife.
* Easter eggs
* Moving weapons box.
* Bouncing Betty.
* Lots of special effects and more!
* Cheat protection not enabled, you’ll probably need them!

The Storyline:

You’ve been sent to investigate a German warehouse where strange things seem to be going on! It seems the meteor has been relocated to this facility and due to the powers of this cosmic rock, the Germans have yet again become flesh eating lunatics! It’s up to you and your small team to stop this infestation of the undead.

The mission:

Work your way through the German warehouse and if you can survive long enough, find your way to the weapon rooms and random chests. If your lucky enough to make the PaP machine, you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons for a cost. From here it would be a very good idea to link the teleporter to the mainframe, you’ll need the escape route as the zombie waves increase! Pick the right doors to open and you’ll find weapons and defenses to support your battle. Choose wrong and new entrances will open and help lead to your demise. As always, Good Luck!!



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