Nazi Zombie Safehouse

By: Techno2sl, cobbspur, KillerCrazzy, & Playername

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The Basics: You are about to testify against one of the world’s most powerful mob bosses. Your testimony could put him behind bars for life and bring down the crime rate across the country overnight. The problem is that you may not live to see morning.

What We Liked: For a map that is a few years old this thing looks amazing. The people who made this map put in serious time and effort and it shows. The detail is off the charts with a barn area that you start in, an underground tunnel with a working mine-cart. There is a crazy awesome house that you work your way toward and a highly detailed surrounding area. Not enough can be said about the layout of this map and the level of detail. This map blows away almost every map that has come out in recent memory. There are also the 4 original perks that show-up Shi-No-Numa style.

What We Didn’t Like: Since this map is old there are only stock WAW guns and no PAP machine.

Final Thoughts: Shame on me for not getting this map posted sooner because it does so many things right and mappers need to spend more time making maps like this and less time making box maps with modern guns in them. Yea, this map may be old but the fun is here and it’s amazing to look at.





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