Nazi Zombie House

Nazi Zombie House
By: Darkflame

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nazi_zombie_house: A map that starts off in what seems to be a quite simple environment, but yet has the potential to turn ugle really quick. All i can say is a lot of zombies, and you’ll want to think about a lot of points.

In the beginning hold’em off for a while, and when you feel like you’re ready to move on down in through the tunnels. There is a switch to activate the generator in the tunnels, and you may be lucky to find the switches that unlock one of the maps biggest secrets, but don’t spent too much time in one spot if you want to make it out alive. Once you’ve activated all the switches in the tunnels, you will find you can make it back top side in the house relatively easy, if you think taking cover there is what you need to do (your choice).

Eventually you will want to find an elevator shaft leading you to one of my favourite last stands ever. There will be four towers to open four dours, you will activate their switches in each tower, or you will die trying. Open all doors and it shall be up to you what happens next.



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