Kneipe Der Untoten (Bar v1.1)

Kneipe Der Untoten (Bar v1.1)
By: W1NG3D

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Nazi Zombie Bar is a fight for survival inside a boarded up, gloomy pub. This map is better geared towards cooperative with 3 players or above but it is still fun in solo or just with two players. It features buyable ammo in two locations, is compatible with Modern Weapons and includes other less common weapons like the DP28 and ALL the pistols which are also in the random weapons box.

I have placed it in the “Unfinished Maps” section as this was a BETA version, and while I planned on making a full release, there are some errors which sadly I am unable to fix, so the only releasable build is this one. There are glitches in this map which I would have otherwise fixed had I not been forced to release this version, so please, if you find any bugs which ruin the game, don’t share them!

For Co-Operative play, the map doesn’t have a loadscreen and the name doesn’t appear properly in the zombies map list, but it still works as far as I can see after testing with someone else.

Probably my best detailed and most enjoyable map yet, but it’s a real shame I could never get around to finishing it :( Ah well.



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