ZM Mars

ZM Mars
By: DarkRapture

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While on a scouting mission around mars your ship malfunctioned and is rapidly losing fuel, you come across what seems to be an abandoned outpost and make an emergency landing, only the outpost is not as abandoned as first thought…  

Your mission
Refuel the ship, obtain a new power core and haul a*s off the outpost!

Lock and load marines you’re in for one hell of a ride.

*Objective based gameplay
*Winnable ending
*Rankings and awards dependent on winning the map (to gain a rank you MUST be alive and inside the ship)
*Max rank is 21
*The higher your rank, the less fuel you are awarded (to balance gameplay out)
*Fuel (This must be picked up and placed into the ship)
*Lever puzzle (in the final room, levers must be pulled in the right combination)
*Power core (this can be obtained after completing the lever puzzle)
*ZCT2 Modern Weapons mod (with customization by Tom_bmx)
*Laser Auto turrets (watch out, these can kill you!)
*Buyable and droppable perks
*Custom FX
*Tom_bmx Music player v1.1
*Custom sounds

Fuel hud which can be seen above your health and armor in the image below fills as you place fuel into the ship:

Fuel cans as shown in the image below have 18 different spawn locations and are spawned in 3 different locations at any one time:

It is my wish that no user-made modifications be made or released for this map. 

Hope you enjoy  :D

Mapping by: Darkrapture
Scripting by: Tom_bmx



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