Nazi Zombie SPJK

Nazi Zombie SPJK
By: Kyluin Version: 1.2

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It has laid dormant for a while. During that time, I made nazi_zombie_spon and nazi_zombie_andy.
Anyways, this map was a high school, but now I don’t know what it is.
It took me about a year to get started and finally finish the map; I hope you all like it!

Follow the decals! They’re meant to GUIDE you.

Thanks to:
Cinnober – Your riser tutorial & helping with buyables
inuyasha555 – for finding glitches
Bookable – Your Flogger and Zipline tutorial
mariodude007 – for finding more glitches
Aturt – beta testing
Gbomb – Scripting advice
Demonseed – Telling me how to upload pics to the WIP topic
JeyS – For wishing me good luck like an Australian! [“Good luck mate!”]

NOTE: I will not be updating this for a while. If you find glitches, keep them to yourselves.



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