Nazi Zombie Frontier

Nazi Zombie Frontier
By: Sno-dog

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A small to medium sized map in a greatly detailed and atmospheric corner street.

-Electrical system
-Electroshock defenses
-Buyable ammo
-MP Weapon/Attachments
-Weapon Cache (where the good guns are)
-Auto Turrets
-Modified zombies, which like to mob and group up to chase you
-Mounted MG’s
-Bouncing Betties
-Buyable Improved Flamethrower
-Accessibility of windows is buyable
-Music Radio with 5 custom tracks
-Beautiful lighting :)
-Loadscreen Vid for Solo

Note: I’d like to thank everyone for the help and general support that has been given
   to me for Frontier. Hope that you enjoy playing the map!

Special Thanks To:
– Beta Testers (There were a number of you which would make quite a large list :) )
– Crackshot: For getting FX to work, really gave the atmosphere the touch it needed. As well as other problems.
– Lamneth: You’ve been there since I started the project, thanks for the ideas/testings/help/etc.
– : Overall a great help.

Known bugs:
-Mosin Nagant bayonet is a bit odd animation wise
-Perks stay on hud after death
 (NOT)~Not a bug, meant to show what you have bought, the perks will add on each time to the hud
-Some models like to pinch you occasionally

Author: Sno-dog

ZM Notes:

-Quick Revive doesn’t work (no point in buying it)
-Betties are useless past round 5



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