Nazi Zombie Auschwitz

Nazi Zombie Auschwitz
Version: Beta By: lilstiffy69

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Auschwitz 90% complete!

I am working on a new map called auschwitz.Auschwitz was a death camp controlled by the nazis during world war 2.This is going to be my first map released on zombie modding. The map is prototype and it includes the zct mod with it brainfood1

Note:The name is not meant to offended anyone. sorry if you are offended by the name i might just change the name of the map.The map looks nothing like the real deathcamp.

things included in my map are
-thunder and heavy rain
-mamy,many weapons:mw guns,campain guns,and guns from der rise maps!!
-zct mw mod  :26:
-10 buyable perks with custom machines (zombies dont drop power ups)
-Music player
-modified zommbies with hardened diffuculty.
-custom perk machines
-random ammo box that spawns at random places
-buyable power ups!
-and secerts and easter eggs! (which i wont tell) :lipsrsealed: and much more to come!!! dance1
(sorry its taking too long for me to make the map,psn is finally up so i dont have as much time to make the map  )

ok i am sorry for the long wait on the map,i was unable to work on my map because my cod waw all the sudden started working slow but,now it runs well

New things added to the map
1.zombie risers
2.”final stand area” ( path nodes still need some tweaking)
3.buyable ending
4.more areas and buyable rooms added! ( path nodes still need some tweaking)
5.Friendly Al’s
6.Toms gambler prefab (which still needs work)
7.And custom new zombie skins!!!




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