Nazi Zombie Frt

Nazi Zombie Frt
By: wardoc

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Please rate, i dont care if you have a bad or good ratinng but please, also leave in comments about what you hated about the map or like, so i would know what peoples opinions are on this map…

– 60 zombie limit on map at one time instead of the ussual 24(so its easy at first then gets hard)
– Pack a punch
– all perk machines
– 4 paped ray guns ready for pickup hiddened around the map
– custom skins
– warsaw pap skins
– friendly and unfriendly ai
– sniping tower for you campers
– custom texture(well i need then for signs and osters)
– pick up weapons in first room so no buyable weapons in first room
– custom scripts
– neat way to get to pack a punch  8)
– zombie counter
– and there might be a few more but i think i forgot

frt stands for first not fort btw lol



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