AB Factory

Ab Factory
Version: 2.0 By: triplemg

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Map size      : Giantic.
Recommended players   : 2+
Difficulty      : Hard to medium
Construction time   : 39 days (Version 1 + 2)

Dempsey: Finally guys.. we are here, time to clean up this damn factory.
Nikolai: Hahaha Dempsey hold it right there, I want some vodka first!
Dempsey: Alright we got to search the person who wrote us anyways.
*once arrived at a nearby bar*
Dempsey: Finally my vodka!
Richtofen: Dempsey, There is no one here.
Nikolai: Whahaha! Free vodka!
Dempsey: seems like they left this note.
Nikolai: Guys! Don’t look at me, i can’t read while i’m drunk!
*Dempsey starts to read*
Dempsey: it says.. “Read my diary”.
Dempsey: Oh fk no! This is a whole book! here Nikolai catch!
*Nikolai falls on the ground*
Nikolai: Damn it american! Don’t mess with drunk russian.
Richtofen: Give me that!
*Richtofen starts to read…*

Day one
A calm day in the factory, we made good profits. Those “Perk machines” seem to never run out!
To bad we only got 4 of them spread out over the city. Tho there was something weird today.. I heard first from germany that they had some kind of zombie factory.
and today.. I found 3 of my employees dead. It looked like they were beeing aten, so we  burried them at the start of the factory, barricaded it with some old 
decorations from the city, hopefully nothing bad will happen.

Day 16
I haven’t wrote for a while but… last night i heard those strange sounds again comming from where we burried the dead employees.. the number of 4 bodies.. went up to
over 1200! Should I tell anyone..? I think I might lose my job.. we will need more sand bags to protect the city, thats what I am gonna do tomorrow and I think I should
place those deployable brownings too, just to be sure.

Day 24
Today I placed all employees I still got behind an deployable weapon.. and I was using my sniper in the top of the factory.. We had to sell all our machines to be able to affort the deployables.
It was defenetly worth it because today 3 of those monsters came towards us… when we killed those, more started to rise, and they ran! My employees locked away the speed cola machine..
they ran with granades to their graves.

Day 25
The last employee handed over me a granade and told me.. use it when its your time, he placed 2 buttons at the back of the factory and gave me 6 others, He told me.. “Place these in the employees city”
So I placed them all.. i heard some weird sounds and this secret door opened! So I entered the room and all doors closed behind me, I think i am stuck here..

day 27
I am not quite sure what day it is.. I dont know how long i’ve been in here.. all I know is that there should be another door.

day 28
I opened the final door and blocked it shouldn’t be able to close anymore, I am waiting a few more days.
There is this button right beside me.. it looks like all other buttons but maybe someone will search me.. so I got to wait before I am going to press it.

Day… 45 I think
Days are starting to get longer and longer..
In this world I dont even wanna live anymore..I still got my granade… I am think… i hear something.. its comming from above!
First i got to..!

Dempsey: Thats it? Gotto press what?
Takeo: Probably the button.
Richtofen: I think takeo is right, Now let’s enter that damn factory hold on were going to teleport in a few seconds!
Nikolai: Wait for me! 
Dempsey: Damn it Nikolai just leave the vodka here!
Nikolai: I’d rather die!
*teleport to the factory*
Are you ready to find out what happened? What was the guy trying to do? What is this mistical button? What does it do?

– Pack-a-Punch
– in total about 16 custom weapons (inclusive their upgraded versions)
– Giantic map with many different locations to explore
– 8 hidden buttons spread over the map to unlock a secret door
– Buy-able-ending
– Secret room
– Tom_Bmx’s Music box with 8 songs to enjoy you while playing.
– 3 teleporters
– mounted brownings
– Auto turret system
– Dogs
– Risers
– Zombies start to run in much lower rounds
– moving pandora boxes
– Snipers
– All-Type-GamePlay, enjoyable for snipers, people who love close combat and people who like to run for
their lives.

Special thanks to:
– Tom_bmx – Music box and other great tutorials
– MrHankey91 – Script placer
– All beta & alpha testers
– firedamage << Huge thanks for loading screen & supporting and testing in the duration of the map creation.

I bring you,
AB Factory v2.0




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