Nazi Zombie Ali

Nazi Zombie Ali
By: nikfar1

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Turn Texture Quality to Automatic, if you get an error playing this map.


  • prototype (zct)
  • different locations and things to explore(hint in game)
  • you have to find 6 piece of amulet to open main door
  • buyble powerup
  • Secret room
  • destructible objects
  • Tom_Bmx’s Music box (7 slot)
  • 2 elevator
  • some fx and custom texture
  • new sound effect and zombie vocal
  • gunstore
  • dropable and buyble perks
  • modern weapon(ZC_mod2 Features)+raygun
  • Ai Players
  • physics in game

there is an additional file(gift.exe) that its not belong to game.when you want finish the game you can get the password and open the fileĀ 

special thanks to:
-Tom_bmx for Music box and other tutorials
-MrHankey91 – Script placer
-cinnober xCHAOSx and others for good tutorial and supporting

i would like everyone to try it, If you find any bugs/glitchs please tell me



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