Nazi Zombie 111

Nazi Zombie 111
By: Geek008

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I Hope You Like This Map, Its My First. I Spent About A Month Working On It.
It Was Meant To Get Me Warmed Up For Me To Make More Maps Later In The Future.
Its Small But Challenging.

Hope You Enjoy It.

P.S Thanks To Treminaor For His Mapping Tutorials and Tom_Bmx For His Help.

Thanks To The Beta Testers For Finding The Problems.

Known Bugs:
When You Die and Re Spawn You Do Not Have Any Guns. I Couldn’t Fix This But, If You Buy 2 Guns Off The Wall You Will Be Fine. (Dont Use Box Before Buy 2 Guns Off The Wall The Box Will Eat Your Guns)
When You Climb Up To PaP The Zombies Will Freeze For A Few Seconds.

Der Riese Style.
4 Perk Machines.
1 Box.
Buy able Ending.
Altered Zombie Counter.
Music Box.
Wall Guns.

Note: Juggernaut Was Not Customized So It Only Takes 3 Consecutive Hits To Die.
Sorry I Found This Out Too Late To Change It.



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