Nazi Zombie SS Tower

Nazi Zombie SS Tower
By: triplemg

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Nazi Zombie SS Tower

by triplemg

Map information
– Power
– PaP
– 28 custom guns 
– All 4 perks
– Easter egg type – Buy-able ending
– Story line that continues from map to map
– Day-time
– 3 teleporters & mainframe
– all normal CoD WaW zombie weapons
– deployed browning you can use.
– 8 Friendly AI’s
– Risers
– 10 Enemy zombies with a kar at start only.
– Music box

– Avicii – Level two
   – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble- Voodoo Child (HQ)
   – ZZ Top – La Grange
   – Like A Boss (ft. Seth Rogen) – Uncensored Version
   – Scorpions – Wind of Change
   – Plastic Bertrand Ca Plane Pour Moi
   – Base Attack – Techno Rocker
   – Dope – Die m***r Die

– moving pandora box / treasure chest or however you wanna call it.
– Auto turrets
– Runners from the start
– Dogs disabled
– 9 Easter eggs! (8 small / optional & one main easter egg to the buy-able ending)

Get out of the bunker.
Buy the start of the game for 4.000
Find all doors, mainly on spots where you do not suspect them.
Hack the computer
Activate the power
Break the glass by pressing all 8 buttons
Unlock sector T
Unlock the storage room of sector T.
Use the phone to unlock the TMG player support section
Press the emergency button to unlock sector T completely.
Use the escape teleporter to get away from this.. forsaken land.
Escape using the Escape Teleporter for 75k

Custom Weapons

- Walther; Regular
- Upgraded walther; 20 bullets in clip, increased damage, full auto, shoots faster than ppsh.
- Tokarev; Regular
- Upgraded Tokarev; 1 bullet per clip, 100 rounds total, penetrate type is very high, damage is higher as upgraded ptrs. 
- svt telescopic sight; Regular
- svt telescopic sight upgraded; 8 times damage on heads, normal damage on heads.
- Carbine with sight; Loads of ammo.
- Carbine with sight upgraded; even more ammo and slightly increased damage.
- stg 44 telescopic sight; 10 rounds per clip, full auto, 120 ammo per mag, high damage.
- stg 44 telescopic sight upgraded; 20 rounds per clip, full auto, extreme damage.
- type 99 with bayonet; High melee damage
- type 99 with bayone upgraded; Higher melee damage, increased clip, higher damage.
- FG42 telescopic sight; 35 rounds per clip. 335 ammo in total, higher damage.
- FG42 telescopic sight upgraded; ammo and rounds per clip times two, and increased damage.
- m1 garand with scope; Regular
- m1 garand with scope upgraded; 20 ammo per clip, same damage as a ptrs 41
- Trench gun with bayonet; high melee damage, 8 rounds per clip, no more pump action
- Trench gun with bayonet upgraded; higher melee damage, 12 rounds per clip, no pump action, higher damage.
- Thompson with sight; 30 ammo per clip
- Thompson with sight upgraded; extreme ammo.
- Ppsh with Sight - Better accuracy, Same stats as regular ppsh - "The Rose" 
- Ppsh with Sight Upgraded - a bit more ammo as upgraded ppsh, Better accuracy  - "Lucy"
- Nambu - Full auto 
- Nambu Upgraded - Full auto extended mag.
- Type 100 with sight - Extended mag
- Type 100 with sight upgraded - Twice the un-upgraded version.
- double barrel shotgun - 5 rounds per clip, faster re-load as usually.
- double barrel shotgun upgraded - 20 rounds per clip, full auto

AB Factory story:


Dempsey: Finally guys.. we are here, time to clean up this damn factory.
Nikolai: Hahaha Dempsey hold it right there, I want some vodka first!
Dempsey: Alright we got to search the person who wrote us anyways.
*once arrived at a nearby bar*
Nikolai: Finally my vodka!
Richtofen: Dempsey, There is no one here.
Nikolai: Whahaha! Free vodka!
Dempsey: seems like they left this note.
Nikolai: Guys! Don’t look at me, i can’t read while i’m drunk!
*Dempsey starts to read*
Dempsey: it says.. “Read my diary”.
Dempsey: Oh fk no! This is a whole book! here Nikolai catch!
*Nikolai falls on the ground*
Nikolai: Damn it american! Don’t mess with drunk russian.
Richtofen: Give me that!
*Richtofen starts to read…*

Day one
A calm day in the factory, we made good profits. Those “Perk machines” seem to never run out!
To bad we only got 4 of them spread out over the city. Tho there was something weird today.. I heard first from germany that they had some kind of zombie factory.
and today.. I found 3 of my employees dead. It looked like they were beeing aten, so we  burried them at the start of the factory, barricaded it with some old 
decorations from the city, hopefully nothing bad will happen.

Day 16
I haven’t wrote for a while but… last night i heard those strange sounds again comming from where we burried the dead employees.. the number of 4 bodies.. went up to
over 1200! Should I tell anyone..? I think I might lose my job.. we will need more sand bags to protect the city, thats what I am gonna do tomorrow and I think I should
place those deployable brownings too, just to be sure.

Day 24
Today I placed all employees I still got behind an deployable weapon.. and I was using my sniper in the top of the factory.. We had to sell all our machines to be able to affort the deployables.
It was defenetly worth it because today 3 of those monsters came towards us… when we killed those, more started to rise, and they ran! My employees locked away the speed cola machine..
they ran with granades to their graves.

Day 25
The last employee handed over me a granade and told me.. use it when its your time, he placed 2 buttons at the back of the factory and gave me 6 others, He told me.. “Place these in the employees city”
So I placed them all.. i heard some weird sounds and this secret door opened! So I entered the room and all doors closed behind me, I think i am stuck here..

day 27
I am not quite sure what day it is.. I dont know how long i’ve been in here.. all I know is that there should be another door.

day 28
I opened the final door and blocked it shouldn’t be able to close anymore, I am waiting a few more days.
There is this button right beside me.. it looks like all other buttons but maybe someone will search me.. so I got to wait before I am going to press it.

Day… 45 I think
Days are starting to get longer and longer..
In this world I dont even wanna live anymore..I still got my granade… I am think… i hear something.. its comming from above!
First i got to..!

Dempsey: Thats it? Got to press what?
Takeo: Probably the button.
Richtofen: I think Takeo is right, Now let’s enter that damn factory hold on were going to teleport in a few seconds!
Nikolai: Wait for me! 
Dempsey: Damn it Nikolai just leave the vodka here!
Nikolai: I’d rather die!
*teleport to the factory*

SS Tower story:


Dempsey: Finally we got out of that damned factory, where are we heading next?
Nikolai: To homeland to get more vodka!
Richtofen: Wait! This note just fell out of the diary!
Nikolai: I am seeing double, so I am not gonna read it!
Dempsey: Richtofen, read it.
Richtofen: It say’s;

Once you pressed the last button the doors will close behind you, and the lights will go out, and as you might know already, another door will open and the hall way will lead to the exit of the factory. Once you are out get Immediately to Dresden, Germany. A tower with an escape teleporter, but don’t be fooled! It will not just teleport you away, It will teleport you to the final location where you can find me, the place where I hope to be safe. If you are able to unlock sector T and use the teleporter of course! I hope you will be able to survive the ‘SS Tower’, as I call it. Remember, to take out the zombies with a weapon! I found some other people as well, they are with me now, They gave me a weapon, it’s a great one. I call her “The rose” , but when I did my weapon in this weird machine they got here, I decide to rename her to.. “Lucy”.. I Left The rose in the box.. Please take care of her and use her wisely.
There are a few man of mine waiting for your arrival, When I left they were under attack by zombies.. with guns….. This could be the end.. Once you arrive using the teleporter you can find back in my bar, Run towards my people, Try to protect them and kill those bastards! 

Nikolai: Zombies with guns?! I need more vodka!
Richtofen: Shh I am not done!

However.. We had to hide the buttons to open the doors again, The zombies are getting smarter somehow.. We had too.. Sorry and good luck searching.

Nikolai: What is this? Hide and seek!?
Dempsey: Nikolai, are you getting sober?
Nikolai: Oh no! I am! Lets get to the damn bar and get more vodka!
Takeo: And of course, we will teleport to the SS Tower.
Richtofen: I wonder why he calls it that way..
Richtofen: Theres one more page but it is ripped off, I can’t find it anywhere.
*They start to walk off*
*A paper drops out of the diary but no body notices*
*it reads… Don’t forget samantha! She will play tricks on your mind.. Her she placed paintings… on the locations of…. our buttons.. so don’t get fooled!*

*they arrive at the bar*
Richtofen: Ah, here we are.
Nikolai: Theres someone here! No fee vodka now?!?
American behind the bar: My name is Jack, I’ll teleport in with you. All i got are these 4 colt’s and my own springfield. Nikolai, heres your vodka, it’s from the house.
Nikolai: I love this place!
Dempsey: Let’s slaughter some zombitches.
Jack: Here we go.

Note: This might be one of the most expensive maps & Hard maps. If you are planning to beat this map, try to find some free time. 





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