Nazi Zombie 222

Nazi Zombie 222
By: Geek008

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Hello All. dance1

This Is My Second Map Nazi_Zombie_222, I Made This Map As I Saw The Creation Of Nazi_Zombie_111 A Victory. owned2
I Released Nazi_Zombie_111. A Short While Ago.

I Spent 2-3 Weeks Making Nazi_Zombie_222. turd1
Thanks To The Beta Testers, Your Help Was Greatly Appreciated.
I Hope You Enjoy It.

Der Riese Style.
4 Perk Machines(I Customized Jugganaut To 7 Hits).
1 Box.
Bowie Knife.
Bouncing Bettie’s.
Wall Guns.
Normal Teleporter.
Buy able Ending.
Altered Zombie Counter.
Pre Game Messages.
Music Box.
Invisible Ladders.
Credits In Mods Folder.
Custom Beta Tester Wall.

Known Bugs:
When You Die and Re Spawn You Do Not Have Any Guns. I Couldn’t Fix This But, If You Buy 2 Guns Off The Wall You Will Be Fine. (Dont Use Box Before Buy 2 Guns Off The Wall The Box Will Eat Your Guns)
The Third Player Will Spawn Slightly Higher Than The Rest and Will Be Stuck, Just Crouch and You Will Fall Down.

This Map Is Cut Into Sections.
So You Start Off Separated Like Verukkt But, You Will Be Joined Again.
Your Next Task Is Too Not Die and Survive.
The Buy able Ending Is Sort Of Hidden But Its Still Easy To Find.

Thank You Th3_Im0rtal



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