Nazi Zombie Airport

Nazi Zombie Airport
By: nukem

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In Graphics settings, Turn Specular Map (OFF)

Featuring the ZCT MOD 2

auto turrets 
defence barriers
buyable ending   
rotating models and brushes                        
7 planes flying about                         
friendly ai 
shootable easter egg 
all mystery boxes have to be unlocked /found via easter egg 
crazy dude ghost ridin a jeep lol 
some black ops textures
cod4 textures and models 
destructible walls, floors  
specific weapons can only open specific doors  
custom teleporters  
buyable max ammo 
first class facility can only be accessed by easter egg 
usp is now 3 round burst 
G3 is now 3 round burst 
MP5 has a higher damage rate 

Special thanks to >
Beta testers 

Towniy  dynamic paths for destructible walls & floors 
rasta for the flying stuka script 
HOGrampage for the buyable max ammo script
TOM_BMX for the buyable end game and other awesome scripts =  WIN
JV for letting me use the code from his map for the buyable end game 
Paragalor for the shootable easter egg script 
?? for the custom teleporter script 

Help and awesomeness 

TOM_BMX for your support and awesome programs that allow us to improve the game  and make mapping moding and playing more fun 

xChaosx and the ZCT crew  for letting the community use the ZCT mod =win 
and thank you for your support and help while making this 

Essofps   for your awesome trailer and your support for the community keeping waw alive with your vids 

Miregrobar the cod4 mapper for the inspiration behind this map 

Towniy for your ongoing help with my projects and fixing my fail scripting and i mean fail hahaha thanks mate 

JV for your help and support ,thanks mate and all the users  for being awesome  and helping with tuts and advise when needed 

I really hope you enjoy this map its my third, its not the hardest /well depends if you have the mod on or off haha 
it took about 2months or just over to build its also my first attempt at prototype 

Thanks to any one i may have missed out all your help is greatly appreciated 


ps if you look you may find your way forward  beats3
turn specular map off



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