Nazi Zombie Mini

Nazi Zombie Mini
By: johnfrost16

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-2 hidden weapons (PPSH and WonderWaffe)
-All the guns have been renamed (includes the upgraded ones)
-All the guns have been textured to something else
-PaP texture is different as well
-2 floors, stairs in between
-Zombies have a custom texture
-Tom’s Music Player (full of songs)
-All 4 perks (custom Textured)
-Dogs included
-PaP with a custom texture
-Power up drops have be customized
-Includes Bouncing Betties and Bowie Knife
-Power switch has custom texture
-Japanese and German zombies
-Mission Objectives
-Pre-game messages
-Box is stationary and also includes the starting Colt and Gewehr 43
-Buyable Ending

ESSOfps – Beta Tester
X-President – Beta Tester
ADDICTED – Helping Me With Some Scripts
HDCrazedGamer – Beta Testing
[ZCT] xCHAOSx – Beta Testing
Tom_bmx – Music Box
SajeOne – Mission Objectives



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