Baseball Field

Baseball Field
By: Bamskater33

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The Basics: Apparently the zombies came to earth inside a giant meteor with the hopes of taking over humanity, beginning with destroying America’s favorite past time, Baseball. Little do they know Baseball has been replaced by the NFL, MMA and even Badminton, which means we don’t care but we’ll still gladly kill them.

What We Liked: It’s a pretty straight forward map with no easter eggs or buyable ending but that didn’t stop me from having fun. The long pathway leading up into the sky is enough of a reason to give this map a few playthroughs and it’s fun to snipe the zombies from so freakin far away. There are a few other areas that you could camp and it’s  a great map for getting to high rounds on.

What We Didn’t Like: There isn’t much to this map past baseball being destroyed and the novelty of being able to get so high up in the air. Also, without objectives or a buyable ending there is nothing to work toward or really any reason to keep playing once the initial adrenaline rush has worn off .

The Final Word: Appreciate it for what it is, a creative idea. Also, Bamskater33 is in the process of remaking this map bigger, badder and better than ever, so if nothing else, play it so that you have something to compare the new version to when it comes out.




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