Nazi Zombie Locked

Nazi Zombie Locked
By: deathclonic

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I’ve been working on this map for about four months now.
It’s co op based. Everyone spawns in their own area.
Easter eggs are scattered around the map.
I’ve been testing this for a while with slagovich.

Please report any errors by PMing me on Yes I allow you to jump on certain tables, zombies still attack you.

Objectives/easter eggs: I hid certain weapons (like an upgraded magnum and ptrs) so have fun finding them. Blood stains? What blood stains? I don’t see a pap, do you?

Player spawns: Players three and four spawn in loop rooms which have doors that lead into the center of the asylum. They have to open to the power room to get both doors open. (So if you buy a door and nothing happens, that’s a loop door and have to open the door at the power room). Other than that, the gameplay is straightforward and intense. This is a learning type map.



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