Nazi Zombie Beast

Nazi zombie Beast
By: TheNiceUb3r

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After two weeks of work my map is finally done. I am happy to be releasing nazi_zombie_beast to everyone here today. This map features a few things in it to make it funner for everyone to play. I know it not gonna be one of those “Top natch” maps but I know I made it at leased. Ok here is a trailer video I made for it as for game play videos and all of that you guys can make one and post it below!!!
But lets get started with what the map has etc. etc.

This map off of the top of my head has the things below

Custom zombie cloths (Made by me)
Custom gun skins (Made by me)
edited weapons (Made by me)
Beast gun (Made by me) (really fun to use)
Custom power up colors (Made by me)
Custom perk skins (Made by me)
buyable power ups
buy able auto turret
underground tunnel
buyable ending
double tap
quick revive
speeed cola
4 mystery box places
secret room

Those are what I could think of off of the top of my head
I am glad again to be releasing this map and I do hope that everyone here enjoys playing it and ill be making a third one really soon but that will look ten times better

by the way their is a secret room with pap and the beast gun

Well download it and enjoy it everyone, Thanks and have a wonderful day!!!

Thank you Im The Earth for all of the help you did with my map and patients you had



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